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Save resources

Using sensors and satellites xFarm advises you how to optimize irrigation, defense and fertilization.

Monitoring field information

Optimize your irrigation strategy, protect your crops and manage your farm machinery with a simple tap on the screen.

Organize your work

Invite your employees to xFarm to plan and monitor activities easily and efficiently.

Increase sustainability

With xFarm it will be easy to monitor and improve the sustainability of your farm.

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"To cope with market needs and climate change, we think technology can be of great help."
Tarquinio Malgeri
Az. Agricola Malgieri
"In an agriculture that is moving toward sustainability and digitization, having xFarm as a partner is important to achieve these goals."
Paolo Montana
Az. Agricola La Gazzera
"Precision agriculture will play an increasingly important role, we will still invest in technology for new aspects such as sustainability and supply chain traceability."
Vincenzo Masturzo
Az. Agricola Colline Soavi
Farm management software - xFarm
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xFarm e Agriculture 4.0: field cultivated with precision agriculture
Smart farming and environmental sustainability calculation company with xFarm

The value of Smart Farming on a supply chain dimension

Technology for sustainable agriculture

xFarm uses data to help you monitor the impact of your activities, improve your practices, and enhance your positive contribution toward the environment through Regenerative Agriculture and soil carbon sequestration.
Carbon Dioxide -CO2eq
Water -H2Oeq
Acidification - SO2eq
Eutrophication - PO4eq
Biodiversity - BIODIVeq

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A collection of useful new calls for proposals for financing the digitization of your farm and the purchase of 4.0 machinery and equipment
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