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We help you be more efficient, thanks to the use of a simple and complete digital platform

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xFarm is the platform created by farmers for farmers which allows you to enter into digital farming in a simple and comprehensive way.


Completely Integrated

xFarm covers all the needs for agricultural activity in an intelligent and integrated manner.

Decision Support

Obtain recommendations based on data entered in the platform to improve irrigation, protection, fertilization and more.


Link the platform with the chosen line of sensors, connected and optimized for agricultural use.

Precision Farming

With xFarm, you can push the efficiency of your farm to its limits thanks to the integrated functionality of Precision Farming.

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Why manage your farm using xFarm







Free functions

Immediate access to digital agriculture:
the 13 base functions that every farmer should have on hand are always free with xFarm!

Premium modules

Make the most of the platform:
Our Premium modules allow you to maximise the digital benefits in agriculture by reaching new levels of efficiency!

IoT Sensors

Automatize data collection:
choose from 30+ of available sensors, optimized and connected to xFarm.  You can collect important environmental information and cross-check it with our modules to improve agrotechnics.

Analytics Packages

The solution for professionals:
if you are not a farmer, but want to optimize the agrifood supply chain, we have three levels of digitalization that enable the complete use of farming data.


Developed by farmers
for farmers


xFarm was created to meet your needs, because they are also ours. We wanted a single service, accessible from both computers and mobile devices, that included all the functions that our farms needed: we created it and today we make it available to all farmers who want to embrace digital farming!

Expand the possibilities

with advanced modules

Choose your composition: enrich your free functions with innovative and integrated Premium modules.

Expand the possibilities

with advanced modules

Choose your composition: enrich your free functions with innovative and integrated Premium modules.
  • NPrecision farming
  • NForecasting models
  • NTraceability

Find out how thousands of farmers are
successfully using xFarm in their businesses!

“I was looking for an app that would allow me to collect farm information, use it to make strategic investment decisions and at the same time share it with agronomists to refine our cultivation techniques.”

Az Agr BuondiOLI

Domenico Buondioli

Sales Manager

“The thing I like most about xSense is remote control with my smartphone: wherever I am, I can see all the data and decide whether to enter the field for irrigation and treatments.”

Az Agr Negro

Daniele Negro


“What I was looking for was software that would help me smartly track everything that’s done in the field and reduce the number of manual entries.”

Az Agr Barduca BIO

Laura Barduca

Production manager

Discover how xFarm can help you!


Everyone in the agrifood industry can benefit from agricultural digitalization, xFarm offers services and functions dedicated to every single part of the process.

The 4.0
agro-industrial supply chain

We help the industry with agricultural digitalization.


Supplier management
Monitoring of agronomic practices

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