The solution that connects professionals and farmers

Data and resources shared for the maximum efficiency of the supply chain

Analytics is the dashboard for professionals
who want to digitize the supply chain, products and services

Intuitive Dashboard

Designed to simplify data checking and use: you will be able to oversee everything quickly. 

Integrate IoT sensors

View the parameters registered by the IoT xFarm sensors of linked agricultural businesses, to provide assistance and foresee production

Norms and Quality

Verify that agricultural businesses follow your production norms and learn the number and quality of the raw material inflow

Field traceability

With xFarm Analytics you can track production right from the field, increasing the value of your products, improving the efficiency of your business.

Why choose
xFarm Analytics

The xFarm digital ecosystem allows you to pair a connected dashboard suitable for professional management with the farmers’ platform.
Therefore, you will be able to share information, reports and analysis with associated agricultural businessmen, benefiting from a real supply chain digitalization.

Discover who xFarm Analytics addresses

Everyone in the agrifood industry can benefit from agricultural digitization, xFarm offers services and functions dedicated to every single part of the process.

The core functionalities of xFarm Analytics



View the location and status of plots cultivated by connected companies on the map

Production indexes and graphics

Use tables and graphs to check the trend of the parameters that interest you, both based on raw and processed data

Corporate communication

Send communications, alerts, and details to connected companies

Weather and forecast models

Use tables and graphs to check the trend of the parameters that interest you, both based on raw and processed data

Operational status

Get summary charts on the overall status of field operations and storage

Satellite-based scouting

View the maps of connected plots made with multispectral satellites

An easy and comprehensive
control panel

With xfarm Analytics you will have access to an intuitive, effective and complete dashboard , available wherever you are, including on mobile devices. You only need to connect the farms through the appropriate panel to start viewing their data.
Depending on your package, you can use different advanced windows that will assist you in rendering your work increasingly digital, opening up new opportunities and allowing you to be fast and accurate.
Connected farms can have both a free xFarm account and Premium Modules . In the latter case, you will be able to use the data collected and processed by their advanced functions, achieving maximum data sharing.

How does being designed for farmers make it more effective?

xFarm is not simply a tool to manage your technical activities: it is a platform already used by thousands of farmers , who chose it for its simplicity and ease of use.
Going digital can only help you improve the efficiency of your work if farmers use the platform on a daily basis. This is why we offer such a useful product for your customers, so you won’t have to worry about whether they use it. xFarm Analytics will help you apply your skills to farmers’ data, and transform them into a fast and accurate service!

Why it is important to know about raw material input.


The success of an agri-food chain depends on several factors: raw materials must be of high quality and must be produced efficiently, the storage and processing network must take the health and properties of the product into account, manufacturing must be efficient and technology-oriented, logistics must be rapid, and distribution must be able to communicate the value of the product to the consumer. Digital technology is involved in all these phases, improving processes and creating new opportunities. However, the effectiveness of digital technology varies according to the actor in question. Currently, the steps from transformation onward are very efficient, while digital technology still needs to be better applied to the steps between the field and the processing plant.
xFarm covers exactly this last part, providing a digital ecosystem designed for the agri-food industry, consisting of a platform tailored to the farmer and an Analytics dashboard for food chain professionals.

Traceability according to xFarm

The strength of xFarm is in its ecosystem: we develop tools suitable for all actors in the supply chain, who can thus benefit greatly from the use of digital technology.
This abundance of information can be used to take the concept of traceability from a simple list of information to real storytelling, which enhances the product and involves the consumer as a participant in the cultivation process, in the stories of the companies that produced the raw materials and in the details of the industry that produced and packaged the food.
xFarm therefore allows all chains to enhance the value of final products, not only by certifying and informing the customer, but also by involving the customer in the entire production process through innovative multimedia solutions.

Three levels of digitalization: choose which suits you best

The power of data is not solely limited only to agricultural businesses: we designed three Analytics packages for those who need to manage multiple farms from a single dashboard, unifying information and having the possibility of managing resources and productions in an overall manner .



The basic xFarm functions shared on one single dashboard

  • RConnect up to 10 farms
  • RInteractive map
  • RActivities and operative register
  • RControl dashboard
  • RSensors connected to the companies
  • R Roles and access management for data and functions
  • RExport data for CAP and inspections
  • R Inspections about legal threshold compliance



Digital power in an advanced operating tool
  • RGet connected to up to 50 businesses
  • RAll functions of CONNECT package
  • RSatellite and vegetation indexes
  • RForecasting models based on farm data
  • R Satellite-based crop identifier
  • RInstant communication with businesses



The highest level of optimization in the agrifood supply chain

  • RNo limits of connected farms
  • RAll functions of CONNECT and PRECISION packages
  • RLicense to supply chain traceability
  • RCentralized machine fleet management
  • RLogistics and shared warehouses
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