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Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and attentive when it comes to information on food products, and the current trend indicates a lack of credibility of common certifications. Traceability and the blockchain can cover these needs, in allowing the consumer to virtually enter the production process.
Extreme care is required in the user experience: users are no longer content with a sheet with the production lot, location of plants, and production area. Consumers want to know who cultivated the product with their own hands, those who have managed its transformation, and seek to learn more about the production context, including its environment and history.
xFarm aims to improve the collection of information, making information that farmers normally place in the digital platform available to consumers in order to improve agro-technical and business management.

XFarm solutions are suitable both for agricultural entrepreneurs who transform and sell their own products directly, and for agri-food industries that wants to increase the value of their food by talking about the raw material used.

An immersive experience
for your informed consumers

Don’t limit yourself to providing sterile information in the back of your product: with xFarm you can create dynamic pages for your products that share your company history and1 products in a visual and simple way, right down to the smallest of details!

The following can be displayed on the product web page:
– Photography and biography of the farmer: involve the consumer by showing the name, surname and face of the person who worked on producing the product
– List of cultivation phases: explain the production process to consumers by using time references and helping them understand what is happening right now in the field
– Weather data and live webcam: IoT xFarm devices are not just for agro-technology! Involve the public by allowing them to see what is happening in the field in real time, as well as the environmental parameters recorded
– Field identification:transforms the activity register into a powerful tool to show the plot to consumers with a satellite view
– Photographs and biography of collaborators: add photos and a biography of all personnel involved in the supply chain
– Repurchase and social media: show consumers where they can purchase your products and stay up to date with news on your company
– and much more: xFarm offers unlimited possibilities! Share your company history, add multimedia content, notes, and all of data saved on the platform!

Scopri la storia di BUondiOLI:

Discover BuondiOli's story

The experience of the BuondiOLI farm, which with xFarm is exploiting traceability and blockchain to transparently show the quality of Made in Italy oil

What can be tracked with xFarm

Follow the supply chain in a few simple steps:
1. Register company information in xFarm, using it not only as a consumer register, but also as support for agrotechnics and bureaucracy
2. Add weather parameters to agronomic choices, and use them to talk to consumers about your fields. Use images recorded by xCam and data collected by xSense stations and xNode sensors
3. Enter company information, its history, as well as biographies and photos of collaborators
4. Enter storage and logistics details to ensure transparency
5. If you do not sell the product directly, enter the information on the transformation, whether carried out on the farm, or from the industry
6. Print the QR code on the label to allow consumers to discover your product!

A series of integrated solutions:
– xFarm is the free and expandable platform for agricultural entrepreneurs who seek to manage their company digitally and effectively
– xFarm Analytics is the solution for professionals, cooperatives and industries that want to connect to farmers to support them, check the quality of raw materials and optimize resources
– we use numerous partners that offer digital solutions for transformation traceability, logistics, blockchain and digital marketing

How does being designed for farmers make it more effective?

xFarm is not simply a tool to manage your technical activities: it is a platform already used by thousands of farmers, who chose it for its simplicity and ease of use.
Going digital can only help you improve the efficiency of your work if farmers use the platform on a daily basis. This is why we offer such a useful product for your customers, so you won’t have to worry about whether they use it. If you are an industry, xFarm Analytics will help you apply your skills to farmers’ data, and transform them into a fast and accurate service!

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