You fleet under control

Discover how Telemetry can help you in your work

With xFarm you can connect your machines to the app, to record all those data that would normally remain only on your dashboard, in order to enhance them with the other features included in the application.

With the xFarm telemetry kit you can:
– Know the position of your fleet in real time
– Keep track of staff, processes and supplies
– Fill in the activity log in a semi-automatic way
– Have access to predictive maintenance
– Provide all the statistics for each machinery and activity in the field

Connect your vehicles in a few simple steps:
1. Create a free xFarm account for your farm
2. Enter your fleet in the Machinery section
3. A qualified technician will install a reading device on your tractor
4. Install the coupling recognition device on your tools
5. Use the identification badge to mark your presence on board
6. Install the smart meter on your fixed or mobile fuel tank

Use the purchased functions:
– Track number of working hours of machinery
– View in real time position and engine parameters of all connected machinery
– View the machining report once completed
– Let xFarm automatically fill in your campaign notebook
– Receive notifications when it’s time to do maintenance on your machinery
– Track supplies, with automatic vehicle recognition
– Allow only enabled badges to refuel at the pump

All the advantages of digital
combined with synchronization
with your machinery

With telemetry, you just need to install a device on your tractor to automatically record many parameters:

  • Location, to know in real time where your machine park is and view the machining mappings
  • Speed, to view the processing averages
  • Engine load, to view the most demanding areas of the field and the heaviest jobs
  • Engine revolutions, to evaluate the performance of the processing
  • Consumption, to keep track of the costs incurred for each process
  • Coupled, to automatically record which implement has been attached to the tractor
  • Time, to keep track of the duration of the processes
  • Personal, to always record who is on board the vehicle

With telemetry, refueling is also 4.0

With telemetry you can equip your tank with a smart meter, in order to intelligently manage refueling.

The advantages of using these counters are:
Level control at any time from the app
Automatic register of supplies, with recognition of the machinery and the operator
– Ability to set alerts by SMS, email or in the app when the fuel level is very low
Restrict access to fuel only for those who have an identification badge


The smart meter is available in two versions:
– A 220V version for fixed tanks, powered by the domestic or company electricity network
– A 12V or 24V version for mobile tanks, mounted on vans, trailers or far from the mains

View data in the cabin with InCab

By connecting your machine to xFarm you can also use the new xFarm InCab feature, which allows you to have a vehicle parameter control monitor directly on your tablet or mobile phone. With InCab you can customize the data to view and see in real time your position, the route taken, record a route and even overlay a prescription map, in order to adjust tools manually during processing.


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