One team, from the field to the server

A team of specialists
who knows your problems

xFarm is composed of highly specialized and greatly varied staff.
Our team is made up of agronomists who are capable of taking care of your needs in the field, developers ready to give you a visual and complete operating system, technicians and engineers for the creation of sensors and hardware that allows you to automate data collection.

Farming is complex and that is why we don’t do everything ourselves:
we use the help of expert collaborators and specialized partners, who allow us to offer a unique solution suitable to all agricultural companies, without sacrificing the quality of service.



We start from the field to transfer agricultural know-how to our products

Information Technology

We develop the platform to make it easy and fast


We offer you a line of sensors so that the data is collected automatically


We select partners to offer the best products and integrated services in xFarm

Matteo Vanotti


Salvatore Ferullo

CEO – Head of IT

Martino Poretti

Head of IoT

Davide Scurria

Senior Frontend Developer

Nicolò Barbano

Marketing Director

Nicolò Stefanuto

Backend Developer

Virginia Iodice

Backend Developer

Simone Tafuri

Chief Finacial Officer

Luca gamma

IoT HW/SW Engineer

Matteo Brocchetti


Daniele Scacco

Frontend Developer

Cesare Rosa

Agronomic Sale Consultant

Alberto Rizzi

Alberto Rizzi

Marketing & Test intern


Andrea Moroni Stampa

IoT Producer

Massimo Vanotti


Alain Valsangiacomo


Simone Vicari

IT Backend

Lucas Marchesini

Finance Support

Andrea Bertone Rossi

IoT Designer

Alessandro Landra

Web Specialist

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