Control your fleet digitally

Learn how xFarm
can help your work

With xFarm you can choose from dozens of feature-rich modules that allow you to connect to your machinery, collect data and perform important analysis.

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All the advantages of digital technology
combined with synchronization
with your machinery

Connect your machinery to xFarm and view all relevant data in real time. By selecting the dedicated modules that you are interested in, you will have access to many helpful features that, for example, will allow you to display vehicle telemetry, trace processes, allocate fuel costs and much more.

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How xFarm works
for contractors

Connect your vehicles in just a few simple steps:
1. Create a free xFarm account for your farm
2. Enter your fleet in the Machinery section
3. Purchase the CANbus interface to connect your vehicles, or connect them directly via the cloud
4. Purchase the Premium modules your are interested in
5. Start working more efficiently!

Use your purchased features:
– Track the number of working hours of your workers
– Record the number of working hours for machinery and equipment
– Allocate fuel costs by connecting your fuel tank to xFarm
– Display the position and engine parameters of all connected machinery in real time
– Manage precision farming maps
– Provide your customers with detailed processing data

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Why suitable for farmers means effective?

xFarm is not just a tool for managing your activities. This platform is already being used by thousands of farmers who have selected it for its simplicity and intuitiveness.
You will discover how xFarm has been designed to be integrated into your activities, saving you time, resources and money.

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Join digital farming:
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