All the power of digital in agriculture

Data and resources shared for the maximum efficiency of the supply chain

xFarm Enterprise is the go to solution for professionals looking to digitize the supply chain, products and services

Intuitive Dashboard

Designed to simplify data checking and use: you will be able to oversee everything quickly. 

Integrate IoT sensors

View the parameters registered by the IoT xFarm sensors of linked agricultural businesses, to provide assistance and foresee production

Norms and Quality

Verify that agricultural businesses follow your production norms and learn the number and quality of the raw material inflow

Field traceability

With xFarm you can track production right from the field, increasing the value of your products, improving the efficiency of your business.

Why choose

The xFarm digital ecosystem allows you to pair a connected dashboard suitable for professional management with the farmers’ platform.
Therefore, you will be able to share information, reports and analysis with associated agricultural businessmen, benefiting from a real supply chain digitalization.

A connected supply chain

Thanks to our intuitive, effective and complete dashboard, you just need to connect the farms through the appropriate panel to start viewing their data and bring innovation to your supply chain.


  • View on the map the position and status of the plots cultivated by the connected farms
  • Centralize information in a single digital medium and simplify bureaucracy
  • Give your technicians a reliable tool to assist farmers
  • It uses xFarm to provide traceability to the consumer via the blockchain
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Bring your equipment to the next level

If you are a dealer, with the xFarm telemetry kit you can make your tractors precision farming-proof, allowing your customers to take the most of your and our technology

  • Increase the technological value of your machinery
  • Simple, economical and minimally invasive kit
  • Suitable for both tractors and simpler utensils
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Tailor made platform 

Do you like our platform but are you looking for something tailored? Our xFarm partner program allows you to use our technologies, but you put the name on it!


  • Offer a tech product to your customers, suppliers and partners
  • Join the xFarm Partner program
  • Enhance your brand by pairing it with innovative technology
White Label

Discover who xFarm addresses

Everyone in the agrifood industry can benefit from agricultural digitization, xFarm offers services and functions dedicated to every single part of the process.
Interested in our solution? Contact our tea for a demo or a customized quote

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