This post is also available in: Italiano

This post is also available in: Italiano

This post is also available in: Italiano


We protect the value of your data

Data is a valuable resource, it's important to protect it!

The opportunities to increase efficiency and to save time and money, which can be achieved by the use of information technology, are very important and are essentially a result of the data you enter on the platform, such as activities in the field, weather conditions, your warehouse data, etc. …
All this information, which you normally keep in your memory or write in documents, if digitized, can be used to create new processes, forecasts and calculations.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to bear in mind that this data is the exclusive property of the farmer or the company who decides to enter it into our platform and we at xFarm believe that it is important that the farmer retains control of all this information.
This is why we assure you that:

  • xFarm will never sell or transfer your data to third-party companies without your consent
  • xFarm will not process your data for advertising purposes or for profit without your consent
  • xFarm will not use your data for activities or projects in collaboration with its partners or customers without your consent

If you want to know more about the general conditions of use that you consent to when using our platform, information on how we process your data and how to manage secure payments, click on the items below!

Terms of Service


xFarm Terms of Service for:

  • Data privacy policy
  • Software distribution
  • Services provision


Agreement 1

Description of xFarm Service. 2

Privacy policy. 2

User Data. 2

License. 2

Content 3

Payment and Refunds. 3

Representations and Warranties. 4

Limitations on Liability. 4

Governing Law.. 4

Forum of Dispute. 4

Term, Termination and Cancellation. 4

Assignment 4


The Terms of Service regulate the relationship between xFarm and its users.

xFarm is the owner and operator of www.xFarm.ag and the xFarm software in any kind (web app, mobile app, or any other form).

xFarm is the designer and manufacturer of a range of Electronic Hardware Devices developed with the scope of collecting ambient information for the provision of Services to the users.

When users access www.xFarm.ag or use xFarm software, hardware or any other service, they accept thoroughly these Terms of Service.


This is an agreement (“Agreement”) between xFarm Srl (“xFarm”), a company incorporated in Valmacca, Italy, with its subsidiaries in other countries, and the user (“user”), a user of xFarm website, software or services.

“xFarm” stands for the website www.xFarm.ag, the web and mobile applications, the software distributed through whatsoever channel and the services provided.

This Agreement is legally binding on both parties and governs both the provision of xFarm services and products and their use by the user.

In case of modifications to these Terms of Service, the user will be asked to review the new version before continuing to use the xFarm products.

Description of xFarm Service

xFarm provides software, hardware and services for farmers.

Software: tools to allow record keeping, paperless tracking, activity scheduling and commercial operations.

Hardware: IoT electronic systems aimed at collecting ambient data and transmitting them to the user and to xFarm with the sole scope of providing the user focused services; actuators for remote control of agricultural systems.

Services: information, alerting, recommendation, reporting and communication services provided utilizing the data collected through the software, the hardware and the channels with the partners.


xFarm retains the right to have the final discretion in granting to the user the access to the services.

xFarm reserves the right to reject users without explanation as well as to restrict, limit or revoke the access to xFarm or its services if a misconduct of the user is detected.

Privacy policy

xFarm does not sell or provide user’s data to another party without user’s explicit consent.

“Personal Information” refers to information that may be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity, either alone or when combined with other personal identifying information.

User Data

To use xFarm software, hardware and services, the user needs to provide several data and information to be able to exploit the resources offered by xFarm.

The user agrees on not to impersonate any person or entity, use a fictitious name, or misrepresent his affiliation with a person or entity.
The user’s credit card information might be provided to a third-party payment processor that may be used by xFarm.

When downloading the xFarm Application some additional information (such as the user’s Unique Device ID or IP address) may be collected.

xFarm will not disclose user’s personally identifying information to third parties without the user’s consent.

However, in compliancy with the GDPR laws, xFarm may provide non-identifying information to third parties in an aggregate form.


xFarm grants the user a limited, non-exclusive license to use the xFarm software, excluding any ownership rights.

The download and installation of any xFarm Application (web or mobile) takes place under the same limited, non-exclusive license.

The provision of services done by the user to a third party using all or some parts of xFarm is forbidden, unless with a written consent of xFarm.
The user cannot sell or provide, under any form, all or part of the xFarm service or Application to anybody else, unless with a written consent of xFarm.

Attempts to reverse engineer or copy, completely or partly, any software, hardware or service of xFarm, are strictly prohibited without an express written consent of xFarm.

Using the software, hardware and/or services of xFarm implies the full responsibility of the user not to infringe any intellectual property or trademark of xFarm.


The user is expressly prohibited from accessing xFarm through a virtual private network or by proxy.

The xFarm software may provide communication channels to directly link the user with players in the farming sector. xFarm is not responsible for the information flowing through these communication channels, that are operated by the different players. It rests on the user to read the terms of use and privacy policy of the third-party providers of services. xFarm shall not be responsible for any damages or loss related to the use of any contents, goods or services available on or through any third-party website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All components, contents and details of the design of xFarm, are owned by xFarm Srl, and subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. The user agrees to not copy, redistribute anything contained within the xFarm products or service unless after express xFarm’s written permission.


When the user sends content through xFarm, he grants and assignes xFarm and its affiliates and representatives the possibility to use it for analysis, archiving and creation of other contents, until this is denied in written for by the user.

xFarm retains the full right to add, modify and delete any content to/from his products and services.

Payment and Refunds

xFarm offers both free and paid subscriptions.

xFarm paid services, granted by xFarm or by third parties, can be purchased in advance only using a credit card. When the user purchases a monthly plan, his credit card will be charged and automatically billed on a monthly basis, in advance, without additional notice. xFarm reserves the right to change its monthly rates at any time, provided that it will inform the customers with notice of the fee change.

Each user can cancel his/her account with xFarm at any time. A refund for payed products or service is not granted.


Representations and Warranties

xFarm will never be considered liable for direct or indirect consequences of failure of the services, negligence, or any other tort. xFarm is not responsible in any way for damages caused by third parties who use xFarm services, including but not limited to people who commit intellectual property infringement, defamation or any other onable conduct towards the user.

Limitations on Liability

xFarm is not intended for use in USA and Canada.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws in force in Italy. The offer and acceptance of this contract is deemed to have occurred in Italy.

Forum of Dispute

Any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement will be heard solely by a court of competent jurisdiction in or near Alessandria, Italy.

Term, Termination and Cancellation

The initial term of this Agreement is normally for one (1) year. Unless the user takes action within xFarm service to cancel or downgrade service or otherwise notify xFarm to the contrary, this Agreement shall automatically extend for additional one period terms, of the same duration of the expired one. The user hereby authorizes xFarm to charge his credit card for any charges, if applicable, in the additional term.

If the user wishes to terminate this Agreement, he shall follow proper termination procedures.


The user cannot assign his rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to any other party without a prior written consent from xFarm. xFarm may assign its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to any other party at its sole discretion.



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