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Only pay for what you need: dozens of different functions that will help you simplify your agricultural company management.

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We offer dozens of modules developed together with startups and businesses specialized in farming, to allow you to have everything YOUR business needs in xFarm.
We do not offer any packages: choose freely which functions to buy and only pay for what you really need.
All our software and sensor offers, prices and characteristics are contained in one single business, simple and fast like xFarm.

We offer monthly and yearly memberships, with rates per module or per number of sensors connected, in a completely transparent and simple way.

Why switch
to Premium modules

We know the agricultural entrepreneurs well and we know that they are always searching for innovations that allow to simplify management and save.
This is why the Premium modules were created: to satisfy the most demanding farmers with new and advanced functions!

In one single place

All the services and functions you need in one platform.

Integrate IoT Sensors

Enjoy digital power by collecting data automatically through our line of farming sensors.

Specialized Partners

We select and collaborate with dozens of specialized partners to offer you state of the art modules.


Our modules can share data between each other to eradicate input transfer and simplify their operation.


Weather forecasts
for farming

Check precise and reliable weather forecasts with specific information for farming:
Graphics: control in a visual way how the weather will change
Protection: indication on the best moments to carry out treatments, in order to avoid drifts and washouts
Seeding: visualize, crop by crop,when is the best weather forecast for sowing


Optimize protection
saving money and time

Improve defense interventions, increasing efficiency of spraying, saving time in treatment registration and preventing disease outbreaks:
Data and doses: look for the products suitable for any adversities, the suggested doses and all the safety information
-Forecasting models: use sensor data to identify the optimal intervention time, avoiding disease insurgence
– Insects: use sensors able to discover the presence of insects and forecast their development
– Alerts: upload notifications and personalized messages, that advise you when the supplies in storage are running low, an activity is performed, a crop has to be treated and many other things…

Use xFarm solutions for cereal culture


Your silos
always connected

Digitally manage your silos:
– Inventory handling: record and export the list of loads/unloads
– Supervise: quickly view the content of your silos
– Record: digitally store invoices and receipts regarding provisions and movements


Increase the
irrigation efficiency

Intelligently manage your irrigation resources thanks to specific solutions and automation devices of the systems:
Improve management: use data from field sensors to obtain irrigation advice, saving water, time and money
– Automate: connect your irrigation systems to xFarm and create automatic watering programs

Use xFarm’s solutions for viticulture


Your machine fleet as you have
never seen it before

Manage and analyze your company fleet through sensors aboard the machinery able to communicate with xFarm and provide you with valuable data thanks to these three modules:
– Tractors: view in real time the position of the vehicle, the number of work hours, the engine parameters and the staff on board. In this way you will be able to better organize the processes, discover dead times, optimize maintenance and analyze the management style of your employees.
– Equipment: view the pairings with tractors and the statistics on your tools, so that you can discover how many hours they have worked, improve their maintenance and automatically record the work in your activity log.
-Fuel management: connect the fuel pump to xFarm and automatically register its refueling, so as to allocate costs related to each vehicle, project or employees.


All the advantages
of Precision Farming

Use xFarm to reach the highest level of technical precision in agriculture with these 4 modules:
Satellite maps: visualize the multi-spectral indexes for each plot
-Advanced satellite maps: obtain dimensions and numerical references for satellite maps
-Data management: modify and convert vector maps and raster
– Delivery/reception with machinery: connect xFarm to your machinery to telematically exchange the files


Accounting and sales
digitally managed

Simplify financial management with these 2 modules that will help you save time and money:
– Market prices: check in an easy and visual way the market quotations of agricultural productions and obtain processing based on your stock.
– Costs and revenues: cross-check warehouse, silos and field activity data to obtain an analysis of expense and revenue allocation of your production.

Use xFarm solutions for olive growing



Business management
simple and quick

Use 3 company administration modules to simplify bureaucracy and accounting:
– Personal management: write down tasks, times and details of each colleague to keep track of their work.
– Advanced reports: it exports company information in a detailed and customized way, for controls, tenders and statements
– Controls: perform automatic controls on all data introduced in the processing and tasks register in order to be sure not to make compiling errors



Nutrient distribution
precise and effective

Take advantage of the potential of precision farming to maximize the efficiency of fertilization:
– Prescription maps: elaborates maps able to make the best out of your fields diversity in order to save on resources and achieve better productions
– Variable-rate: the maps are suitable with the majority of variable rate machinery, for an optimal distribution
– The elements of which you are in need: calculates the needs of the crops and immediately obtains the exact quantity of the required fertilizer so to achieve your fertilization objective.

Use xFarm solutions for coffee growing



Digital benefits
even in your barn

Digitally register and manage your livestock, optimize feeding, monitor your animals and make use of their waste.



Use data to obtain
production forecasts

Combine the registered data on xFarm with those collected from the sensors located in the field to obtain forecasting models on crop status:
Quantity: yield estimates of your fields even before reaching harvest.
Quality: use forecasting models to estimate the quality of production.
Management: use this function to simulate possible scenarios, decide which crops to sow and make precise agreements with buyers.



Transform data
into social value

Your data tell the story of who you are: certify your environmental sustainability level to access tenders and projects, advertise and give value to your products


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