Farm management based on data

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With xFarm you can choose among dozens of different Premium models to create a platform suitable to your needs.
For the more technologically savvy farmers, we offer, together with the digital agriculture solutions, many modules that take advantage of data punctuality and geo-referencing to transform the diversity of your plots in value and efficiency.

  • NPrecision irrigation
  • NVariable rate fertilizing
  • NMachinery telemetry
  • NDirect data sending to machinery
  • NSatellite map
  • NManagement and convertion of raster and vectorial files

All the advantages of digital
combined with precision in the field

xFarm allows you to use both digital solutions and the advanced approach of Precision Farming in a single platform, in order to share data between the various modules, for a simplicity of use which has never been seen before. If you have a machine fleet at your disposal, equipped with satellite transmitters, variable rate equipment, and ISOBUS connection, you may connect them to xFarm, sharing the data in a simple and quick manner. Alternatively, you may take advantage of the precise agricultural functionality on a much simpler scale, for example, field to field or plot to plot.
You can also allow access to your trusted technician to share data easily and effectively thanks to xFarm Analytics.

xFarm brings farmers closer to precision

How data collection works

Precision agriculture is based on the use of timely, geo-referenced and measured data on a definitive time frame. In short, it is not only necessary to know the values, but also where and when they were measured, repeating the measuring periodically.

xFarm collects and memorizes all the data in the platform, collecting them from:
–land xNode Sensors: your xNode are connected to xFarm, and they record important values relating to the surface (temperature, humidity, conductivity) and the plants (ex. leaf moisture)
xSense Meteo Stations: xSense stations collect environmental parameters such as air humidity, temperature, rainfall, direction and wind speed
– Satellite Mapping: on xFarm you can use Premium forms to obtain multispectral mapping of your plots indicating various vegetation
indexes Telemetry and data of machinery: xFarm connects via cloud, ISOBUS or CANBUS to your machinery and the collected data can be integrated into the machine, for example production maps, telemetry, applied variable rate and much more. If your machinery does not have cloud connection, you can use the CANBUS xFarm interface to send the machinery data to the platform.

How data management works

xFarm is not only a tool for collecting and storing data: thanks to the Management Maps Section you can overlay, modify and develop mappings created in the field or available from satellites.
This is a very important phase in precise agriculture, because it represents the moment when agronomists and agricultural entrepreneurs can effectively bring together all of the parameters gathered to transform them into action plans and prescription maps.

How data usage works

The final step of this great cycle is the application of the processed data in the field. The decision supports created are therefore sent directly to the equipment switchboard, via the cloud if the medium is connected to the Internet, or otherwise via USB.

There are multiple possible procedures:
– Precision fertilization: if the business is prepared with a variable-rate fertilizer spreader, that is able to modulate doses according to its position in the plot. Alternatively it is possible to adjust traditional machinery manually, field by field, according to the recommendations previously drawn up
– Variable rate seeding: similar to fertilization it is possible to use the data collected to vary the number of plants per square meter within the plot, or from one field to another, based on the technological level of the machine fleet
– Precision irrigation: the data collected by the sensors can highlight areas in which a greater irrigation supply is necessary to support crops. Thanks to mappings, it is possible to manage irrigation programs differently by using drip systems or pivot sprinkler systems


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