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With xFarm Analytics you can choose from three feature-rich packages that allow you to connect to farms, view their data and perform advanced analysis.

  • NDigitized farm data
  • NAutomatic check on data
  • NAdvanced analysis instruments
  • NSupport instruments for technical assistance
  • NMaximum flexibility on any device
  • NDedicated functions for precision farming
  • NSpeed up data collection, communication and archiving

All the advantages of digital technology
combined with synchronization
with your customer

Connect with your customers to view crop layouts, insured plots and parameters measured by field sensors. By selecting the package you are interested in, you will have access to many other helpful features that, for example, allow you to perform satellite scouting after an event, communicate directly with your customers, integrate the data collected by the sensors into hyperlocalized forecasting models and much more.

How xFarm Analytics works
for insurances

Connect with companies in just a few simple steps:
1. Choose the Analytics package that has the features you need
2. If your customers are not already xFarm users, sign them up for the free version of xFarm
3. Connect companies via the Analytics panel
4. You can wait for companies to enter their data or you can enter it for them
5. Start working more efficiently!

Use the features included in your package:
– Use business and weather data to segment agricultural activities and to offer policies optimized for the company’s situation
– Use satellite imagery to locate damage and to estimate its severity
– Offer your policies to thousands of users who already use xFarm
– Provide your policyholders with Premium xFarm modules to improve preventive defensive measures

Why designed for farmers means being more effective

xFarm is not just a tool for managing your insurance activities. This platform is already being used by thousands of farmers who have selected it for its simplicity and intuitiveness.
Digital technology can help you improve the efficiency of your work only if farmers use the platform every day.
We offer you this useful product for your customers so you don’t have to be concerned about how they use it.
xFarm Analytics will help you apply your expertise to farmers’ data for fast and accurate service!

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