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We offer you numerous guides and our support service, but there are some very common questions that people ask about our company and our products. That’s why we have summarized the most important information about xFarm in a summary list available directly from the site.

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Is the xFarm platform really free?

Yes! We believe that farmers have the right to experience, free of charge, the benefits of digital technology in agriculture. This is why we offer a series of basic features, with no limits on plot extension and free forever!

On which devices can I use xFarm?

Almost all of them! xFarm is currently based on responsive design principles, meaning it is programmed in a way that makes it accessible from many different devices whilst maintaining the same access method. Therefore, xFarm may be used on any device with a web browser and Internet access, such as laptops, desktops, Android smartphones, iPhones, Macs, Android tablets, iPads, etc.
To find out more about the arrival of the xFarm application, read the question “Is there an xFarm app?”,
or to find out more about why it is necessary to connect to a website in order to use xFarm, click on “Why is Internet access required to use xFarm?”

Do I also have to purchase the sensors?

No! xFarm is a platform that includes both the software (the modules) and the hardware (sensors, transmission devices, etc…)
Our  sensor line allows you to collect data in an automatic, precise and efficient way, but you are free to insert data manually.
For some advanced modules, such as smart irrigation, the use of sensors is mandatory since they are based on the analysis of what’s going on on your fields.

What are the supported crops?

More than 400! xFarm has been developed to satisfy all agricultural companies, for this reason we have hundreds of crops and thousands of different varieties.
You will be able to manage your business regardless of your production area, such as cereals, forage, horticulture, fruit growing, forestry, industrial crops and many more.
In addition, if you are unable to find a variety or a crop, it is very simple and quick to add it by contacting our staff via chat!

Is there an xFarm app?

It’s coming! We know how important it is to be fast and flexible in agriculture, for this reason we are working on an application that can suit both iOS and Android, that can make access and navigation faster, that can work offline and interact with the rest of the functions of your smartphone, such as notifications and calendar.
Follow us on social networks and in the blog section of the site to know when it will be released!
To find out how you can currently access xFarm, read the question “On what devices can I use xFarm?”,
or to find out more about why it is currently necessary to connect to a web site in order to use xFarm, click on “Why is an Internet connection necessary to use xFarm?”

What kind of reports can I export?

With the free xFarm account, you can export all of the information regarding your crops by clicking on “Export” from the field page.  The generated files will be useful for tenders, PAC, PSR and BIO.  Additionally, if you need a more complete personalized report, you can purchase the premium Advanced Reporting  module.

How much do premium modules cost?

Premium modules are sold on a yearly basis for a company or based on the number of coupled sensors, review the Premium Module section on the site to see the list.  
If you already have an xFarm account, go directly to the Store section to view all prices.

How are my data used?

The data inserted belong exclusively to the farmer or business that decided to include them on our platform.
We at xFarm believe it is important that the farmer keeps control of all this information.
Find out more regarding our data processing policy by accessing the Privacy & Datapage.

Why is internet needed in order to use xFarm?

Data storage and preparation can be very demanding depending on the requested calculus capacity.
As such, we have decided to develop xFarm online, so that all the workload falls upon our servers and not on your devices, without the need of program installations, or minimum requirements to meet, or updates to perform manually.
However, this requires the user to have an Internet connection when using it.
We are working on the release of our app for Android and iOS, that will also include an offline mode. To find out more, click on the question “Does an xFarm app exist?”

Is xFarm only suitable for agricultural companies?

Not only! xFarm is a platform that gathers data from agricultural companies, but all of this information can be also used by technicians, associations, storage centers, wholesalers, workers and industries for the digitalization of the entire supply chain.   
Discover xFarm Analytics visiting the dedicated page on the website and find out how xFarm can help your business reading section Fields of Application  on the Webiste.

Why is access to the platform not immediate?

xFarm is an intuitive platform that consists of many different functions.
Just like when opening a program, xFarm also takes a few seconds to launch when first opening it.
When using an online service, it is necessary that when the Site opens the data and all necessary interfaces for its function are uploaded.   
However, we are constantly working to improve the experience of our users and you will soon be able to use a mobile application and a new login interface in order to speed up access to xFarm.
If you would like to find out more about the arrival of the xFarm application, read the question “Is there an xFarm app?”,
while if you would like to know more about why you need to be connected to a Website in order to use xFarm, click on “Why do you need the Internet to use xFarm?”

Can I change my password?

Yes! When logging in, click on the button “Forgot your password?”, enter the email address linked to your account and follow the instructions that are sent to your email.

In the event of technical problems who can i contact?

The xFarm Support is active, a direct chat with the members of our staff, active 7 days a week. Discover more visiting the xFarm Supportpage.

Can I invite other colleagues?

Yes! The xFarm platform has been developed to take advantage of communication and team work. Open your profile, click on settings, people and press the add user button. You will then be able to invite a colleague by indicating his/her name, email and position. If, however, you would like new functions to help manage the staff in your agricultural company, try our premium moduleStaff management.

At which events can I meet you?

You will find us at all of the major agricultural and AgTech trade fairs. Find out more by visiting the events page.