Let’s spread the digital culture

Developing new solutions is not enough

We believe that in digital agriculture, the sharing of knowledge and experience is as important as research and development.
That’s why xFarm is at the forefront in the area of events, conferences or basic lessons.
We offer our experience in the agri-tech world to provide training and information for various audiences.


The future of agriculture is digital and it is important for those who are preparing to enter this sector to be aware of current industry trends and where to position themselves, in order to take ownership of the new technologies and professional tools they must use in the future. For this reason we are available to undertake lessons in secondary schools and universities, where we will introduce and further explore digital farming in an engaging and innovative way.Furthermore we are at your disposal for long term projects, making available our platform and hardware.


Fairs, summits and conferences are great places where the sharing of ideas can give rise to new opportunities and projects
We are available for interventions and focus on digital agriculture, both general and of our case studies, for farmers, enthusiasts, technicians, journalists and investors.

Associations and cooperatives

Digital not only offers opportunities for individual farmers, but also for cooperatives, associations and supply chains wanting to exploit networking features in order to share and enhance data. For this we organize presentations and speeches intended for members of agricultural groups and societies: interventions are more effective when shared!

Nicolò Barbano

Marketing Director

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