Help us revolutionize agriculture

From day one, we were aware of the fact that, just like in agriculture, even our platform should have followed the logic of a data chain. This is why we collaborate with dozens of different brands, which allow us to offer a quality service at 360°.

Products and services

Are you a software or hardware producer dedicated to agriculture? Contact us to insert your products and services in our platform. We offer you our experience in optimization, thousands of users ready to buy your module and a network of partners that allow us to push the sharing of data to the next level, opening new doors to your services.


Are you a newspaper, an influencer, a trade association or a trade fair? Help us spread the digital culture in agriculture.
We offer our experience within the sector, collaboration on projects and information that raise awareness and our data bank which contains multimedia content on digital farming.

Research and testing

For years we have been working with international partners on projects regarding the traceability of raw materials, the introduction of technologies in developing countries and the improvement of agro-economic techniques. We offer our technological support for your projects, putting our platform, sensors and know-how at your disposal.


We are constantly searching for partners that can help us increase our commercial network, succeeding in offering xFarm to new countries, industrial sectors and supply chains. We offer our 360° agricultural platform, our hardware line and an economic recognition for services.

Nicolò Barbano

Marketing Director

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