Connect with your suppliers to digitize the entire supply chain

Why it is important to know about raw material input.

The success of an agri-food chain epends on several factors: raw materials must be of high quality and must be produced efficiently, the storage and processing network must take the health and properties of the product into account, manufacturing must be efficient and technology-oriented, logistics must be rapid, and distribution must be able to communicate the value of the product to the consumer. Digital technology is involved in all these phases, improving processes and creating new opportunities. However, the effectiveness of digital technology varies according to the actor in question. Currently, the steps from transformation onward are very efficient, while digital technology still needs to be better applied to the steps between the field and the processing plant.
xFarm covers exactly this last part, providing a digital ecosystem designed for the agri-food industry, consisting of a platform tailored to the farmer and an Analytics dashboard for food chain professionals.

Industria Agroalimentare Supply Chain
Sincronizzazione con i fornitori

All the advantages of digital technology
combined with synchronization
with your suppliers

Connect with your suppliers to view crop schedules, follow the phenological stages, learn about productions before they arrive at the company and much more.

By selecting the package you like, you will have access to so many other functions that will help you, for example, visualize the vegetation indexes of fieldscommunicate directly with your customers, integrate the data collected by the sensors in hyperlocalized forecasting models and so much more.

Sincronizzazione con i fornitori

How xFarm works for agrifood industries

Thanks to xFarm’s solution for enterprises you can connect with your farmers via the digital platform:

– View crops extension and layout
– Check treatment registers and field activities, both completed and scheduled
– Read the data collected by the sensors of your clients to foresee the production reduction
– Export reports about fields of whole companies to make administration easier
– Automatic check of the information introduced in the register of activities in accordance with the specification
– Use the advanced functions, if you have chosen a precision or a full package

Industria Agroalimentare
Tecnologia per gli agricoltori

How does being designed for farmers make it more effective?

xFarm is not just a tool for managing the agrifood industry: it is a platform that has already been used by thousands of farmers who chose it for its simplicity and intuitiveness
. Digital technology can help you improve the efficiency of your work only if farmers use the platform every day.
For this reason we offer you a product that is so useful to your suppliers that you will not have to worry about them using it.
xFarm Analytics will help you apply all of your industrial knowledge to agricultural data in order to transform them into a better product for your consumers!

Tecnologia per gli agricoltori

Register and control
the raw material bought

The data collected between your providers can be very useful when trying to better understand the quality of the purchased raw materials, even before they arrive in the depot.
– Knowledge of local environmental parameters can help you predict falls in production and therefore get organized in advance to purchase from more suppliers
– The record of activities allows you to check that your suppliers are respecting production rules and supply chain contracts
– The load list and the silo management allows you to simplify inbound logistics, tracing not only the movements from the wholesaler to your facility, but also those from the field to the storage center

Controllo Qualità

Traceability according to xFarm

The strength of xFarm is in its ecosystem: we develop tools suitable for all actors in the supply chain, who can thus benefit greatly from the use of digital technology.
This abundance of information can be used to take the concept of traceability from a simple list of information to real storytelling, which enhances the product and involves the consumer as a participant in the cultivation process, in the stories of the companies that produced the raw materials and in the details of the industry that produced and packaged the food.
xFarm therefore allows all chains to enhance the value of final products, not only by certifying and informing the customer, but also by involving the customer in the entire production process through innovative multimedia solutions.


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