Enovitis 2023: xFarm Technologies brings artificial intelligence to crops

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Digital farming

On 7th and 8th June 2023, xFarm Technologies will be present at the Enovitis 2023 exhibition, at stand “Vigneto F”. It will present two major AI-based innovations: Disease Recognition, the function that allows the identification of plant diseases with just a photo, and FarmView, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, improves the performance of agricultural sprayers by bringing optical recognition to the machinery, enabling efficient use of plant protection products and new services. 

6 June 2023 – xFarm Technologies (https://xfarm.ag/), a company specialising in Agriculture 4.0 and digitisation and sustainability projects for agri-food supply chains, will once again be taking part in Enovitis in Campo (Polpenazze del Garda BS, 7–8 June – stand Vigneto F), the Italian trade fair dedicated to viticulture technologies. During the 2023 edition, the tech company will present important innovations, all based on artificial intelligence. In particular, it will present two completely new features: Disease Recognition, aimed at operators in the field, and FarmView, developed for the B2B world.

Disease Recognition, from photo to diagnosis: AI for disease detection in the field

Disease Recognition, the latest feature of the xFarm Technologies application, makes it possible to identify plant diseases affecting a crop in a few quick steps, thus simplifying field monitoring. Thanks to this unique tool, all you need to do is open the xFarm app and take a picture of the plant: the artificial intelligence built into this xFarm feature will identify in real time the most likely disease to have affected it. The app also makes it possible to record and archive the time and place where the disease was detected and to share the data with colleagues and technicians.

“Disease Detection, a feature built into the xFarm platform, makes it easier to monitor both large and small fields by creating a record of disease detection, which is useful for planning control measures in subsequent years. All of this promotes efficient use of products, saving time and money. Once the disease has been detected, it is also possible to act immediately or use the predictive models processed by the platform for even more optimised interventions,” says Alessandro Bucciarelli, Head of Agronomic Products & R&D at xFarm Technologies.

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FarmView for efficient and sustainable use of plant protection products

The other new feature that xFarm is presenting at Enovitis in Campo is dedicated to the B2B world. By integrating xFarm’s technology, the new FarmView system aims to improve the performance of agricultural sprayers.

FarmView enables new optical recognition services using image processing. The system consists of a pair of cameras for real-time detection of the leaf canopy density of vines, but also of hazelnut groves and other specialty crops, and an artificial intelligence system that calculates the amount of crop protection product required based on the images captured by the cameras. This extremely intelligent system can also automatically recalibrate product distribution directly in the sprayer’s electronic control unit. FarmView also allows fruit to be counted in the field, resulting in a final yield prediction and the creation of vigour maps. The xFarm app also provides valuable information on field variability and the amount of product applied for better crop management. 

“The FarmView technology is now part of our InCab Services portfolio and brings with it great benefits, including less residue on the finished product, resulting in higher quality, reduced environmental impact and significant cost savings. The technology will also allow manufacturers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by implementing it on the latest generation of sprayers. This will allow them to expand the services they offer,” adds Alessandro Bucciarelli.

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Besides the latest developments: xTrap for insect monitoring and predictive defence models for vineyards

Enovitis 2023 will also be an opportunity to get to know all the products and solutions that xFarm Technologies offers for monitoring. These include xTrap, an insect trap with a camera in three different versions: Delta, which uses pheromones, Color, which attracts insects with specific colour sheets, and Zukii, which employs a food attractant. Connected to the xFarm platform, the trap makes it possible to visualize the progress of captures in real time and, thanks to the use of machine learning, to automate the counting of the main insect pests. It will also be possible to discover the details of the prediction model based on degree days, which predicts infestation trends for effective pest management.

Le serre di Ortomad dall'alto

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