xFarm Technologies and Precision Farming Network (PFN) build world’s first ‘digital twin’ for increasingly connected farm equipment

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Digital farming, Eima 2022

A new solution has arisen out of a collaboration between the two players, one that will connect Caffini, Mascar, DCM and Alpego equipment to the xFarm platform.

Details of the partnership will be outlined at EIMA International, November 9-13. xFarm Technologies will be in Hall 37, stand B37 while Precision Farming Network (PFN) will be in Hall 37, stand C31

Bologna, November 9, 2022 — A new partnership between xFarm Technologies and Precision Farming Network (PFN) will provide farmers with increasingly technologically advanced and connected equipment. The aim is to ensure better traceability of data, optimise field operations and improve resource management. xFarm Technologies (https://xfarm.ag/) is a tech company helping the agri-food sector to go digital, while Precision Farming Network (PFN) (https://www.pfnetwork.eu/) was born out of the experience gained in the field of leading agricultural mechanisation companies and their desire to combine agricultural equipment with a digital service to support farmers.

As PFN and xFarm Technologies share common goals, they decided to bring their expertise together. As a result, for the first time the machinery and equipment made by PFN’s network are being combined with xFarm technology. This is made possible by the development of an innovative digital twin, a digital counterpart to each piece of machinery that enables the development of new digital services to meet the needs of smart farming. The first stage of the partnership involves all of the models of the Caffini, Mascar, DCM and Alpego equipment brands. However, the network is open to other manufacturers as well.

The features of this new ‘digital twin’ will be presented at EIMA International in Bologna (Italy) November 9-13. xFarm Technologies and PFN will be exhibiting at the fair with dedicated stands and events. xFarm Technologies will be in Hall 37, stand B/37 while Precision Farming Network (PFN) will be in Hall 37, stand C31.

“PFN was created to combine digital services with the equipment of the network’s partners. Precision Farming Network offers systems to track equipment activities in the field — for which it filed a patent application — to xFarm users as well” said Enrico Bulian of Precision Farming Network (PFN).

“The goal is progressive digitisation of the farming sector. Interconnecting different data sources, such as machinery and equipment, is the first step towards an open digital ecosystem, enabling new services and supporting all players in the supply chain towards sustainability. It is good to see that the PFN group, which includes leading brands such as Caffini, Mascar, DCM and Alpego, has decided to embark with xFarm Technologies on the path towards an increasingly connected agriculture, one that is capable of using technology to optimise operations” said Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies.

A new digital twin born to facilitate greater interoperability

Combining Precision Farming Network’s (PFN) machinery with a new digital twin (a result of the collaboration between PFN and xFarm Technologies) is a step towards an increasingly efficient and integrated agriculture.

The xFarm Technologies platform enables the management of all aspects of a farm, according to its specificities: from machinery to crop and irrigation management, to paperwork, treatments, etc. Regarding agricultural machinery, the platform solves the issue of technology fragmentation, as it enables the management of both non-digital machinery — thanks to appropriate integrations — and multi-brand fleets directly from the app. 

A tool that digitally tracks the operations performed by the machinery and equipment enables better farm and agronomic management. It also offers much more information on production to all players in the supply chain, helping with sustainability reporting and improving traceability. By joining the open xFarm and Precision Farming Network ecosystem, agricultural machinery also becomes a strategic tool for the whole agri-food chain. This is thanks to the PFN-certified certification, which certifies field activities for objective and automatic traceability. The standard implementation of xFarm technology on the PFN network’s machinery makes data collection and processing even more direct, precise and easy, allowing all of the information collected to be fed directly into an open platform.

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