xFarm Analytics: the digital control center of the agri-food supply chain

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Digital farming, supply-chain

Agri-food supply chains are complex ecosystems. Their management constantly introduces new challenges in the agri-food landscape, such as sustainability, traceability, and efficiency.

xFarm Analytics is the digital control center of the agri-food supply chain, designed to provide managers with a tool to monitor farms and sensors in the fields in a simple and fast way. 

The xFarm system includes the xFarm app, used by farmers for agronomic crop management and data collection, the xFarm sensors and the xFarm Analytics platform. The Analytics platform collects data from sensors and farmers, making it available in real time to stakeholders and technical staff in charge of managing and monitoring the supply chain.

Smart supply chain management

The xFarm Analytics Dashboard allows you get information on the supply chain in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to a graphical interface that gets updated in real time. In particular, you can:

  • monitor climate and display the aggregate data collected by the sensors in the field;
  • view the performance of the farms based on yield data and use of inputs (water, fertilizer…), highlighting the virtuous ones and identifying best practices to be disseminated to other farms;
  • check the location of storage facilities and verify the routes from the field to the storage, to make more informed decisions on logistics.
    Sustainability of the supply chain

    The Sustainability module uses information collected throughout the supply chain to calculate the global and specific impact of the operations. Through certified models and calculators in compliance with the ISO 14040 regulation, each registered activity is “weighed” for its environmental impact, also considering yield and agronomic practices. 

    The Sustainability calculations can be viewed both aggregate and for the single farm, with the possibility of comparing individual farms with each other. In this way you will be able to identify the most virtuous companies and the most sustainable agricultural practices. These results can be shared not only within the supply chain, but also with the consumer, enhancing the commitment towards environmental sustainability.

    Among the main sustainability indicators monitored there are carbon footprint, acidification, eutrophication, net water usage.

    Planning and control

    Through the Operation Management function it is possible to view the activities in progress in real time, thanks to the information entered by farmers. This is a particularly useful tool for field technicians, who are responsible for assisting and guiding individual farms.

    The Activity planning function allows you to plan the activities to be carried out, supporting farmers in the most delicate moments, for example during crop protection or harvesting operations.

    Multifarm management

    The xFarm digital ecosystem allows you to organize accounts and users in an orderly and flexible manner, according to the needs of the specific supply chain. By assigning different roles, it is possible to determine to what extent each user is able to access the information on the platform.

    Through the multifarm management it is possible to control the information flow between different stakeholders, limiting for example the farms that can be “seen” by a technician or a storage center.

    The richness of data allows to work in a timely manner not only on logistics, but also on sustainability and traceability of the supply chain. These aspects are increasingly important and demanded by the consumer. The xFarm Analytics platform is designed to combine rigorous data collection with the flexibility that is necessary to adapt to the needs of the various agri-food chains.

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