How to improve water management in your company, with the xFarm Irrigation module

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Digital farming, Irrigation

Shortage of water is a serious concern in Italy and in many other regions around the world. Desertification, dry rivers, and salinization are just some of the problematic consequences of drought. Due to the increase in temperatures and the scarcity of rainfall, in some areas the management of water resources is becoming increasingly complicated. To ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural activities, it is necessary to take advantage of every drop of water with the maximum possible efficiency.

xFarm has developed the Irrigation module to support farmers in the management of water resources at the farm. The Irrigation module allows you to improve crop irrigation activities by increasing the efficiency of irrigation interventions, allowing you to irrigate only when, where and when needed, combining the needs of crops with environmental data collected within the farm. As a result, the efficiency of the use of water resources and the quality of the final product will increase substantially.


How the Irrigation module works

The Irrigation module is based on data collected in the field by means of a weather station (xSense) combined with several integrated xNode soil moisture sensors. The environmental parameters thus detected are then processed through forecasting models, to provide the best advice on the most appropriate time to irrigate. You can therefore always have the situation under control and plan irrigation interventions with great precision.

1. Overview: your company at a glance

The Irrigation module provides an overview of all the fields registered within the xFarm platform and gives you the soil moisture status for each. In addition, you can view the calendar with all upcoming irrigation activities. In this way, you can always be updated on the irrigation needs of all your plots simply by looking at a single window.

2. View each individual irrigation zone in detail

By clicking on the individual fields, you can access the Irrigation Areas page, where you can obtain detailed information on the selected field such as crop and phenological phase, extension, texture, data detected by the soil moisture sensors, latest irrigation operations carried out and soil moisture trend forecast.

3. Irrigation tips and strategies

Thanks to the data collected by the sensors located in the field, you will be able to view the humidity status of the soil, compare it with the water demand of the crops and calculate the irrigation requirements for each crop. In addition, the Strategy function allows you to schedule your customized irrigation strategy, to select the desired water stress level, and to receive advice on the best strategy for your crops. You will also be able to input the activation time for your irrigation system in advance.

4. History of irrigation interventions and environmental data

Through the Forthcoming Irrigations and Irrigations Done sections, it is possible to easily keep track of past and future irrigation activities. In addition, raw data and tables allow you to better understand the situation in each individual plot.

Improve your company’s water management strategy: download xFarm and start using the Irrigation module today.

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