How to add fields to xFarm

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Basic functions

Want to find out how easy it is to identify your fields in xFarm? Here is the guide to start adding fields to your profile.

An easy and fast way to manage your farm’s daily activities and keep track of all information? Not only from home, but also while you’re in the field? You might wonder if it’s affordable for everyone or if you need in-depth knowledge to use apps and computers.

xFarm is a system that helps in technical and administrative management. No special computer skills are required to use it. This is evident from the very first stages, when we need to set up the basic information of our farm.

The first thing to do is to define the fields of our farm. Can we do it ourselves? Of course, it is not a complex procedure and there are several ways to do it. Once the fields have been set up, it will be easy to enter the activities and monitor them. You can do this easily by going to search for fields on the satellite map, setting the area of interest, and once found simply trace the outline.




Or you can request the cadastral sheets. This is an advanced feature that allows, directly from the app, to request the cadastral sheets relating to all fields of the company.


Once requested the cadastral sheets are superimposed on the satellite map and allow you to trace the fields quickly and easily, without the need to search for landmarks to understand where a particle ends and where the next one begins.


It can be particularly useful in those cases where a field is actually composed of different cadastral particles because even if we work everything, in the same way, we will have to keep the documentation relating to each particle and in this way we can easily create documents with the necessary detail.

Above all, you can consult and use it directly from your telephone and thus identify the boundaries and individual plots directly from the field.

You can then choose the method you prefer to define your farm. With a few clicks and a system within everyone’s reach in a very short time you will be ready to enter all field operations.


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