XFarm is about to launch its mobile app

by | Oct 24, 2019 | News

Right from the start, the goal of xFarm has been to create a platform tailor-made for farmers.

We began by developing xFarm as a responsive web design, meaning that could work well with all devices and be accessible through a browser.
However, we realize that speed and simplicity of use are of utmost importance for those using xFarm from a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, we are currently developing a dedicated app that will be available by late fall 2019.
In addition to being supported on both Android and iOS platforms, the app will allow you to manage your farm even more quickly, without having to access the browser.
We are also developing an offline mode for farmers who work in areas with poor data coverage. They will be able to register and use xFarm even without being connected to the internet and then synchronize the data once they return to an area with network or WiFi coverage.



How to add xFarm to your iOS home screen using Safari


Add xFarm to the home screen
While awaiting its release, we recommend adding the xfarm.ag app to the home screen of your cell phone as follows:
1. open xFarm on your cell phone or tablet
2. tap on the Menu button (usually at the top right corner)
3. choose “Add to Home Screen” or a similar option (depending on the browser and operating system)
4. Personalize the icon name, for example, by renaming it “x-Farm”
5. tap on “Add” and decide whether to add it automatically to your home screen or drag it manually
6. check to make sure the icon appears on your home screen
6. you can open x-Farm without having to enter the address on your browser; simply click on the new icon to access the xfarm.ag app

How to add xFarm to your home screen on an Android device using Google Chrome




Stay tuned

Our team is working on completing and testing the xFarm mobile app If you want to stay updated on the world of xFarm, follow us on our social networks and register for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


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